Discretionary management and investment advice

Portfolio management requires specific know-how and constant discipline. If you wish not to worry about your investments on a daily basis, we offer you, through our discretionary management mandate, the guarantee of qualified expertise and active management of your capital in line with your risk appetite and your goals over time. Our keywords: quality, transparency and diversification of investments. In full respect of the preferences that you will have communicated to us and the constraints that you will have imposed on us, we focus on companies which, as leaders in their respective fields of activity, are best placed to benefit from the globalization of trade. As a signatory member of the Principles for Responsible Investment initiative, we also offer you a personalized offer that we invite you to view at here.

Finally, through our investment advisory mandate, we take care of executing your stock market orders directly and provide you with our ideas and personalized investment solutions that will allow you to implement your strategy.