Three generations of asset managers

The profession of asset manager has seen rapid development over the past thirty years in Switzerland and Geneva. The company EMC Gestion de Fortune SA was built on the business model of the independent manager. This concept consists of freeing oneself from all conflicts of interest with regard to the client and of defending their interests by being authorized by them to manage their portfolio deposited with local banks. EMC is one of the first members of the umbrella association of asset managers in Switzerland: ASG. All our partners were trained in reputable banking and financial institutions before joining EMC Gestion de Fortune SA and contributing their specific skills. This range of knowledge allows our team to respond to all client requests very quickly.

Sustainable and responsible finance

EMC Gestion de Fortune SA has always integrated ethical and responsible criteria into the management of the portfolios entrusted to it in the selection of investments. Over the years, the notion of sustainable and responsible finance has taken hold in the minds of private and institutional investors, and many tools have been developed to measure good corporate governance. In the concept of respectful investments, it is all about taking into account a number of aspects other than the financial ones, such as environmental, social and governance aspects; these criteria are known as ESG. EMC Gestion de Fortune SA has developed a methodology based on a quantitative multi-criteria screening that allows continuous measurement of compliance with these ethical principles, sustainable development and social responsibility. On the other hand, EMC Gestion de Fortune is very interested in the convergence of interests between the various partners linked to the company (the stakeholders): predominant shareholders, board of directors, general management, employees, clients, suppliers and public authorities. Based on our long experience in financial markets and the decision-making tools that our company has developed, we are able to offer our clients high-performance investment solutions, while respecting the notion of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.